A Letter to... ward 4

Ward 4

The Edinburgh Cancer Centre

Western General Hospital


15 September 2019

Dear Ward 4,

Keith is cured and we’d like to say a huge thank you!

It has been an insane year, and as we reflected on everything Keith’s been through, I wanted to write and say a heartfelt thank you to the entire, wonder-team on Ward 4. Every, single, one of you.

Wow we’ve had a love-hate relationship with your crazy corridor of over-stuffed wards! It was a life-raft at so many points when treatment and side effects got unbearable, but it could also quickly induce cabin fever. After everything, I don’t know where to start to say thanks.

In a haze of treatment so many tiny moments stand out. Smiling hello’s each and every time we walked on ward and friendly recognition of Keith - ‘Oh no you’re back!’. That calm and reassuring conversation with Sarah as Keith had what I now know are only fever rigors, but were terrifying in the moment. The time someone in blue quietly pulled a curtain around us as we fell apart in a wave of misery. I still don’t know where you came from.

In a hospital that transcends the definition of busy you could summon a doctor as if by magic. You knew with a look when someone needed more pain meds, something to drink, or a ‘How are you?’ You were always patient, always interested and engaging, and yet probably exhausted at times and sick of the buzzers and the beeping of the IV machines! In the sweltering heat of May you put all of the patients first and moved your corridor fans into each room.

Despite having the worst days of our lives on your ward we’ve also been surrounded by so much laughter, dark humour and cajoling. As a team your collective wit, sarcasm and banter are matched only by your unwavering level of care. You are a truly legendary team of exceptional people and lord knows how we’d have coped without you! Never change.

We laugh that Mr Nixon got to swoop in and take all the glory with Keith’s all clear, that Dr Dev got to see him get better at clinic each week, but it was the Ward 4 team that kept Keith alive both literally and figuratively.

I don’t know how you do it and if we could, we’d take each and every one of you for a drink!

Thank you. We really aren’t able to say thank you enough.

Best wishes,

Rebecca & Keith

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