The Great Wall of China meets my mother in law!

Following our diagnoses, we’ve been supported by some incredible charities; most notably Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Maggie’s and Breast Cancer Now. Ever since, we’ve committed to fundraising to help these great organisations continue their epic work.

Our friends, family and supporters have kicked balls, raffled, run, shuffled and held amazing concerts to raise incredible funds.

It’s 2020 and we’re off again!

50km in 5 days

In October this year, Keith’s mum has taken the, frankly bonkers!, decision to hike one of the new wonders of the world, a very chunky and challenging part of the Great Wall of China.

She’s about 8 stone and lives with arthritis - we were all a bit worried to be honest - but there’s literally no stopping her and her insatiable determination to give back to CRUK on our behalf.

Covering 50km over 5 days, with 10,000 deliberately uneven steps, this trip is said to challenge even the most dedicated trekker.

Maureen and Border Collie Megan are happiest out wandering in the countryside, but hiking up and down uneven stairs designed to defend China against nomadic tribes is another level of challenge.

A typical day on the Great Wall

Beginning four hours north of Beijing, Maureen and a team of 25 others will tackle the Wall over 5 days. Averaging 6 hours of walking a day, bunking together in simple highland accommodation each night to regroup and recharge.

The trek follows the winding path along the Yan Mountains to the Gubeikou Gateway and takes on the famous ‘heavenly staircase’, trekking up and down thousands of stairs as well as long stretches of uneven terrain. The Wall is very exposed, with almost no shade on sunny days.

The challenge of a lifetime

Maureen is taking on this challenge in the name of Keith, and still plans to try and squeeze in an Icelandic Moonwalk too (I said she was bananas… )!

It’s a real feat of walking but one we know she’ll absolutely smash. We’re hugely moved that she’s tackling this for a charity that does so much important work to improve cancer treatment and ensure so many more of us are cured.

10 years ago doctors couldn’t have told us exactly what cancer Keith had, how best or if they could treat it. However, research delivered by CRUK means that our family were lucky, his doctors did have a treatment plan and on 13th August 2019 he was given the all clear.

Help us hit £3,050

We must raise £3,050 to cover the cost of the trip (£1,050) and the donation required. Anything above and beyond the £3k will be donated in full to CRUK as another bonus!

Race Night & Disco

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